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He has zero chance winning a gubernatorial election. Murphy won by the skin of his teeth against Jack Ciattarelli. I know it’s hard to believe but drive not very far out of this city and it gets red quick. A “progressive” mayor from jersey city taking over the entire state? No chance. JC is great but the rest of this state doesn’t think the same


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Reply to Boiler broken by HeyDocK

Kook and Sons. I’ve used them a couple times over the past decade. Howard and his team very easy and straight forward to work with


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Let’s clarify. Some crime is being unreported to the public in a timely and safe manner. Not implying people are being murdered and not being counted. This city refuses to release crime statistics in accordance to how just about every big city does. That’s the issue I have. Notice I mentioned robberies in my sentence as well. Don’t just jump to conclusions here


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100%. Why not release monthly quarterly crime stats like every other city in this country? Instead I’ll have to wait until end of year to get some bogus stat that can be on a political flyer or commercial. Instead I have to hope it comes to me via some algo in Nextdoor or Twitter