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Its those wind gusts that’ll get you. Every panel is a wind resistant sail and considerable force will push over your fence. Go the four feet down (its only 48”) It’ll be solid.


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That will only lead to a policy of appeasement, which merely encourages the bully and rewards them for all the war crimes. Then they will always know they can just keep taking more with no price to pay.
That doesn’t work out for anyone but the Russians.
Stop their advancement now or face a Russian Europe


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Let me get this straight… Russia invades Ukraine in a broad daylight robbery. They specifically destroy civilian property and infrastructure. They kidnap thousands of children. They rape and murder women and children. Russian soldiers proudly display their swastika tattoos. Looting, booby trapping, rape, mass murder, kidnapping. Putin continues to imprison or murder his opposition . Russia has shown zero interest in any trustworthy good faith negotiations.
Now the European leaders want to trust that a diplomatic solution is possible. This is not the time for the Neville Chamberlain school of diplomatic stupidity.
No negotiation.
Russia leaves Ukraine and all its territories.
Russia pays trillions in reparations.
War crimes trials.
Sanctions for decades.
Sweden, Finland, and Ukraine join NATO.