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I remember someone did the math on a windows update that caused computers to use like 0.1-0.5% more power and America basically had to do the equivalent of adding another nuclear power plant to handle that extra power.

Little things add up.


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I brought my iphone 5 in smashes to shit from years in trades and they said ‘oh the camera doesn’t work, that is independent of the damage so have a free new phone’.

I sent in my 11 to get a new screen a few weeks ago and they sent me a brand new phone. No idea why. Looks like my dad is getting a new phone.


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Same parent company.

But I did say that I buy the red cordless tools for my contracting company. They are mostly amazing, save for the 3-4 year old trash grade brushless onekey drills (top end models, bad chucks, weak bodies) and the new 1/2” impact wrenches that keep exploding. I’m so glad I bought the last gen impact.

Did you see the inside of the 1/2” impact failures yet? They removed 1/2 of the support on the planetary gearset so it just shears all the pins. It looks like they let a first year engineer go crazy with cost cutting inside there. Even the best companies make stupid decisions now and then.


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Milfuckee makes great cordless tools (my industrial contracting shop is mostly red) but most of their hand tools and especially their cutting tools like blades / bits are fucking garbage.

Project Farm on youtube proves this again and again. He does exceptionally well thought out tests and their tools perform poorly most every time.