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More details on the incident that led to the takeover:

> Seabrooks, 31, was a crisis intervention worker and mentor with the nonprofit Paterson Healing Collective and died soon after police shot him when he emerged with a knife from the apartment bathroom where he was holed up, according to the attorney general’s office.

> Long accustomed to helping others in the mid-sized city 20 miles (32 kilometers) northwest of New York, Seabrooks’ co-workers have been shattered by his death and say authorities prevented them from using their mental-health expertise to deescalate the situation.

He was in crisis and needed help, not an execution. Let's see if the state of NJ will implement the necessary reforms to prevent a repeat of this tragedy.


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This case reads like something out of a soap opera:

> After Hadley’s two-year relationship with Diaz ended in August 2015, they became locked in a dispute over their condominium in Anaheim, according to federal prosecutors.

> Diaz married a different woman in February 2016.

> In May of that year, he and his new wife, Angela Diaz, created multiple online accounts using Hadley’s name. They then used the accounts to entice men found through Craisglist to come to their home to engage in a “rape fantasy” with Angela, according to the indictment.

> The plot worked: Diaz and his wife staged “one or more hoax sexual assaults,” and then contacted police to report that Hadley was responsible for hiring the men, prosecutors say.

> By the time the case unraveled in early 2017, she had lost her job, her reputation, and her faith in law enforcement.

It's sick that Ms. Hadley's ex tried to use his clout to destroy her life.


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Shared access of Nature journal article in pdf: here

Key excerpts from Telegraph article:

> Scientists recruited Ms Rendulic, now 33, and one other stroke survivor, a 47-year-old woman, to be the first people to try out electrical stimulation of the spinal cord with the aim of improving arm and hand motor movements...

>Scientists created a device that inserts two electrodes into the spinal cord in between vertebrae in the neck area.

>The electrodes stayed in place for 29 days. When these were activated, the patients - the first ever to experience this technology - had 40 per cent more grip force and 40 per cent more speed in their injured hands...

> “We discovered that electrical stimulation of specific spinal cord regions enables patients to move their arm in ways that they are not able to do without the stimulation.”

> ...The researchers said the stimulation procedure, known as epidural electrical stimulation of the cervical spinal cord, does not require invasive surgery and appears to have no negative side effects.

That it worked after such a long time and it was minimally invasive seem to be the major breakthroughs in this case study.


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The only way to change someone's mind is to make them think it was their idea. Along with the warnings you're required to give, try to plant a seed of doubt. For example, an offhand "this gentlemen seems quite popular" with no further details. She would wrack her mind wondering what you meant by that.


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I disagree. They can be cheesy, but for me, the cheese is part of the show's charm. It might also be a cultural mismatch. There are jokes about the immigrant experience in them - the nephew's terrible pronunciation/syntax in Spanish, his blase attitude about his lavish lifestyle, etc.

As for their usefulness, the cutaways served the purpose of progressing the story in various directions. The story would pick up again with another character or days later or at a special occasion after the cutaways (e.g. "Meanwhile, Memo was..."). How would it make sense for those story snippets to happen without the exposition bits in the middle?


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> “We were using Facebook Messenger to communicate with her parents and coached them through the delivery, so I watched her being delivered on my cellphone," Blackburn told NBC News. “I was in my living room with my mother and my kids while all this was happening. And when that baby started crying, we all started cheering. You would have thought the Bills made a touchdown.”

A true Christmas miracle.