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I'm thinking of taking a trip to Pennsylvania this summer with the primary goal of seeing some historical sites. So far on my list is Gettysburg, Valley Forge and Braddock's Field. Possibly might also head north to the Watkins Glen area.

What are some other can't miss historical sites in Pennsylvania or nearby?


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The opening scene of the film Serenity retcons how Simon got his sister out of government custody. It doesn't line up at all with his explanation in the Firefly pilot. I don't mind though, it's an exciting scene and you can handwave it away by saying his original explanation was just a very, very loose summary.


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I have fallen out of love with Sin City. When it came out I was obsessed with it, but I tried to rewatch it recently and the ultra-noire shtick wore thin very, very quickly.

I've also soured on Starship Troopers over time. I don't think it's half as clever as everyone else seems to think. I also read the book and the film is a pretty poor adaptation. (I still love the production design and the score though).