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Hyperinsulinemia is when the pancreas releases large amounts of insulin so that doesn't happen in a T1 body. Insulin resistance can occur in T1 for several reasons, but it's not the same as hyperinsulinemia which is one of the possible causes of T2. So we generally use the term IR which can happen temporarily in a type 1 (due to one's period, ovulation, or many other hormonal changes, illness, scarring causing bad sites etc) or from having T1 for decades on its own can cause some resistance.

If a T1 does choose to eat large amounts of calories, of course that's not healthy for anyone, diabetes or not. But no the glucose (or "sugar will appear to be fine") isn't necessarily the case. It's a struggle to work out boluses and we dose differently for carbs, proteins and for many other reasons.

TLDR: yes no one should be eating excessive quantities anyway with that I agree. T1, however, and insulin dosing is very complicated and not caused by diet.


Just an FYi if anyone's interested; it's understandable if you don't live with T1D to know just how much of a mental load this disease is. We have an additional 180 decisions to be made per day while acting as our own pancreas 24 hours per day. This is a rather simple chart of the 42 factors that affect blood glucose, and not all are listed here either: https://diatribe.org/42-factors-affect-blood-glucose-surprising-update


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We (type 1's) don't take insulin just for food. We can fast and need insulin because we don't produce it. Several hours if you're pumping, or a days/a few days if you're MDI, of no basal,(background insulin) and we're in DKA. Nothing to do with food.

It's a never ending balance of working out levels, as we have over 42 known factors that we do calculations for. Getting it exactly right isn't even possible with existing closed loop pumps.