druunavt t1_jcmlipe wrote

I live way out on a mountainside. About 10 years ago the power company finally put the poles along the roads --before that they had to backpack into the woods to fix the lines. Now we're only ever out for a few hours. The last time we were out for over a day was that bad Thanksgiving storm in 2018.

I also have a little inverter generator that runs on propane or gas that has a weatherproof tent so I can put it a safe distance from my house, and a bunch of quality extension cords and a little battery backup that can run the router for a few hours (which is all I really ever use). Eventually I'd love to buy solar panels and a battery bank.

It's perfectly dealable and totally not worth burying lines for. I doubt they'd stay stable and be a more sustainable solution anyway. The things that I have had heave in this ground, and the rocks whenever we've dug into it...


druunavt t1_jarjnk6 wrote

It's not starting until around midnight. I'd leave around 9pm tonight or, well, personally, I won't drive in it tomorrow at all. I'm in the northern half of the state so have no insight into those secondary roads but concur that you're unlikely to see them plowed until the snow stops.