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> Anyone with two working brain cells supports equal rights for the citizens of this country and ALL its states; regardless who the people are, regardless what they do.

Equal rights means that when you create laws and policy you strip away all the differences such as race, gender, sexual preferences, etc.

The cult of intersectionality does the complete opposite.


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> Oh look a Republican

Now replace Republican with a race every time a crime is committed and your post would fit in well on r/stormfront.

Lumping people into groups and attacking them is what only low IQ people do. Especially when the attack is not based on reality.


A quick sampling of convinctions in the last 3 years reveals 16 Republicans and 34 Democrats.


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> them forcing their dark age fairy tale values on others

That's not what's happening. It's a school board elected in a democratic election. The school board by definition represents what the majority of parents in the school district wants.

I guess you are one of those "progressives" that likes democracy only when it does what you want.


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> automatically write a check

What address are they writing on the envelope for the check?

> Comcast owes me like $300 from some kind of settlement from a decade or so ago, but I can’t get the money because I don’t have a copy of my lease from back then.

Maybe the address of the Comcast contract?


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> And I’m not sure you can call it a fraud

I'm sorry, what?

> Steele, a former head of the Russia Desk for British intelligence (MI6), was writing the report for the private investigative firm Fusion GPS, who were paid by Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).



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You don't understand much about human psychology. When you see a lot of things being rigged, then you assume everything is.

  • Was Bernie knocked out of the running by the DNC?
  • Was Trump-Russian collusion completely made up?
  • Did COVID come from a Chinese virology lab?

Many years of proven lies tends to make people not believe anything. Especially when it is the liar speaking.


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> I am convinced there is an evil backer paying extremists to run for office in PA.

It's no secret that Democrats paid for the last Mastriano run for office.


> During the 2022 primary season, Democrats actively meddled in a number of Republican races – hoping to boost GOP candidates who they viewed as too extreme (especially on the issue of election denialism) to win general elections. All told, Democrats spent millions of dollars interfering in Republican primaries for Senate, House and governor around the country.


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This illegal alien individual was admitted for 69 days and counting.

That's almost $200,000 if you take the average cost of a hospital bed per day.

They are not paying for any it either. People that pay health insurance will pay for it with higher medical cost and higher insurance premiums.

> On Dec. 29, 2022, a 46-year-old Dominican mother of two was admitted to Lehigh Valley Network’s Cedar Crest hospital


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If a hospital provides free healthcare to non-paying patients, then the paying patients pick up the large bill for all.

A hospital doesn't print money. And what happens when you have too many non-paying patients?

> Hahnemann Hospital, which once served the city’s poorest patients, closed in September 2019. The hospital had been suffering millions of dollars in losses a month