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Oh I absolutely agree! The old infrastructure that used to connect them all is still in place, well many of the old right of ways at least. One of them for instance is the Hudson-Essex Greenway which goes over to North Arlington and could feasibly connect right to the newark light rail from Jersey City, as could the HBLR to the ironbound. It is just a matter of political willpower to properly connect NJ to itself (like any good city!) by reinstating public transit within these places in order to move people around- and not just back and forth from NYC like these old lines used to.


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Did you know we have a Wikipedia page (albeit about Bergen county mostly). https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boroughitis

I am for less municipalities and less balkanization. It makes zoning, transit, and urban planning worse and fractured. Look how long it took to get Citi bike in Hoboken/JC... for the bike lanes to even connect. The annexation can have negative consequences as well, like Toronto had after joining with the suburbs of the city but I think in the long term it's best.


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These are things they make money on. They are not building out on NJ ROW that connects 0 PA assets and has no money flow benefits for them. They are upgrading airports, ports, and freight but the only thing they've done for the train (apart from connect it to Newark airport, thus eating known profits from NJT) is reduce service year after year. They are losing immense amounts of money on it, there is no way they're expanding the train anywhere.


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PATH does not have the jurisdiction to build or operate one, and anyways they lose (lots of) money on the train they do have. I don't think they'd want to build another.

NJT however does have the jurisdiction and runs a public service. As far as I'm aware the county owned JFK boulevard would never host a SkyTrain and I think Brian stack hates NJT anyways.

Frankly the Palisades would be a good place for tunnel boring and a true subway, I'll give PATH the technical edge here but a light rail could just as easily operate as a subway like it does in Seattle and many places abroad. Whoever does it, I don't care. I'd rather have it than not.

But jurisdiction wise I would prefer NJT own and operate all rail in and out of NJ, including PATH (the train should probably just be MTA) and PATCO. Really there should be one agency in charge of Pennsylvania, NJ and NYC and subways/heavy rail should be expanded in all of these places. One can dream!


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I have seen scooters locked up inside oonee at JSQ. As far as I know oonee is free, just first come first served and there are 20 parking spots for bicycles/scooters etc.