duan_cami t1_jcf98y8 wrote

My first experience with hd800s, the soundstage really wows me. Although the longer I listen to it, the more issues I found. The bass is simply bad, soft slam and impact. The soundstage can be too wide sometimes, and the depth is just fine. Dynamics swing is fine. My experience with focal utopia is opposite, I dislike it at first, but I start liking it more after extended listen.


duan_cami t1_j1hrh2j wrote

I demoed sr009 once before in my local store. It was my first experience with estat headphone. When I listen to it, I thought it sounded like a planar headphone somehow. Good separation, soundstage, imaging and details, like a good planar headphone at that similar price range. The tuning of sr009 is surprising neutral when I listen to it, given the frequency response graph from crinacle that looks quite wonky.

So, I'm kinda disappointed tbh, maybe I was expecting too much, like next level details from a flagship estat. Sr009 is still a great headphone, but since it cost more than other option like lcd-5 and susvara (usually on sale), I don't see that flagahip estat like sr009 is in my radar for endgame headphone.