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Fun fact, but for decades most cowboys across the Americas were blacks or Latinos. Both were often slaves. It was very hard work with very poor conditions, and only the poorest and most desperate whites were willing to do it. Hollywood westerns not surprisingly are mostly mythological and play into the myth of the Independent Self-sufficient White Man single-handedly defending his family from non whites and evil government.


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I don’t think legality enters into it. At worst it’s a EULA violation. Like any public facing website. Grounds for banning the account but these would be throw away accounts to begin. Musk would whine about it but he’d probably also embrace the artificial user numbers at the same time.

One thing we’ve all learned about the man during this debacle is he’s self destructively impulsive and undisciplined.


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The value of the data comes from the quality of data. What we’re seeing with twitter is the data is low quality, too much noise not enough signal.

This was true before Musk was forced to buy Twitter. In fact when Musk finally got around to doing basic due diligence after he locked himself into the deal he himself used the low quality as his reason to bail out. 🙄🤣


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The first portable camera (obscura) was invented in the 1600s which was a refinement of a five hundred year old invention. Portable cameras were used in the American Civil War.

You’re trying to make a cultural argument and that’s fine.

But you’re also making historically inaccurate claims as well. If you really want to argue that a handheld camera as being the sole requirement for a selfie that would be the 1880s.

Give it up as a well intentioned misunderstanding? 😉


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Have you considered moving to the US and being a Trump supporter? Because you'd fit right in.

Oh wait, India has a brain drain and what stays behind just turns into more mental mush.

Some sarcasm here, I wish India would knock off the caste bullshit and let more of their best and brightest move overseas.

It makes life easier for your zealots and dilutes our own inbred undereducated masses.

You can stay right there.