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FTA; the system is capable of producing 20 kW? The image in the article has 20 panels? I'm not aware of any 1kW panels on the market. 400W is pretty typical.

I wonder if there are battery packs that can supplement peak solar power and that's where they're getting that 20kW number


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I've raised over 70 chickens. A scratch from a rooster talon hurts but it's not bad. You'll often bleed when attacked by an aggressive roo so kids need to be protected against the mean ones. The spurs on the back of their legs is also pretty dangerous but you can take those off using pliers without harming the bird. You can't really train them not to be aggressive, unlike dogs, chickens can be trained but it takes a lot of dedicated work that's not very suitable for outdoor or backyard chickens. Be the alpha, chickens have a pecking order so a gentle but firm boot kick can be enough to tell the roo to back off. If you continue to have problems with the roo that makes it dangerous for kids, people, or the flock, please consider removing the rooster from the others via separation.


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Kinda. 240V outlets are capable of 30, 40, 50 Amps depending on what wiring/breaker was used.

A standard 120V outlet is 15 Amps.

For safety, you never use the full output of an outlet (-20%).

We can figure out the wasttage (power) by multiplying Volts x Amps

So on a normal outlet you have 120V x 15A x 0.8 = 1.5 kW

His battery is 250 kWh so it would take 7 days to recharge at normal outlet speed.

A 240V outlet on a 50 Amp circuit is capable of (240V x 50A x 0.8 =) 9.5 kW and could recharge his car fully in a little over a day.


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There's been a growing trend in reducing the noise of current social media and technology addictions.

This phone might force users to have a sub optional smartphone experience which may be a purposeful choice for consumers.

I'd be interested to see if the display type carries and real world benefits to battery life.


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Reply to comment by Jamieobda in A family road trip by Krystto

Lol I thought the same thing. OP doesn't realize that there is a Vancouver in British Columbia Canada (Vancouver B.C.) and a Vancouver in Washington state USA. The distance between Portland and Vancouver, WA is a 10 min drive from PDX so that would be a very short trip lol.


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2-7% improvement over line losses of HVAC.

The biggest advantage isnt reusing the same grid, it's building a NEW one and burying the transmission lines. Not only will the HVDC equipment be expensive, but so will the labor and new lines (these new lines need to be 600+ km to see a ROI and can't use the exact same existing infrastructure).

It'll be interesting to see if the cost of this project will exceed the cost of building more renewables and accepting the line losses.


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The federal government says they are endangered.

The state government says they are endangered.

Local NGOs say they are endangered.

Local news say they are endangered.

Some random redditor says they are thriving and not endangered and offers no anecdote or source.

Guess which one I don't believe.