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Peace wasn’t an option when Russia decided to invade and start killing. Your mindset is tragically flawed and completely naive to the fact that truly evil beings live in this world and they control a lot of people.

I genuinely don’t believe you’ve been through these tragic events you speak of because you would know that the evil in this world is true. If you’re willing to roll over and die to any threat so be it. But humans typically have self preservation instincts for a very good reason and there is nothing morally wrong about standing up to the evil in this world.


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You are conveniently glossing over that the aggressors are taking lives. If you don’t fight back, you lose everything including lives. If you do fight back you have a shot of not losing the lives of your loved ones.

You can sit on that pseudo moral hill all you want. But I imagine you’ve never been properly punched in the face let alone had your life or the lives of your loved ones threatened. It’s very easy to be pious in a comfy basement with no threat.


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I think in tech we generally have an expectation of things getting cheaper and more available with lower barrier to entry. It’s not always guaranteed but we have gotten used to it so things like this don’t really strike a surprising chord with people.


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I would imagine that people falling asleep at the wheel and hitting a telephone pole or in a ditch in a rural area would be a situation that stands out and would be somewhat common. Also, relying on people to stop and help is not really a great option. Many many people would just drive on by.