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Not really thankful for much honestly. My entire life has been one giant roller coaster into a downward spiral since Dec 2019, with the plunge into the abyss happening this time last year. It has just been a nosedive into depression, nihilism, and and loneliness since Nov 2021, despite the facade I put up.


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Not that I have really seen. They specialize in all things asian. So you have Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, etc. The one I go to on Midlothian Turnpike has maybe one aisle that has stuff you would find in a normal American Grocery store, and stuff found in Latin America.

As for a store that has British fare, you might want to try Europa Food Market at 5243 W. Broad Street. I don't know what all is in there as I haven't been there myself. But it seems like a good starting point.


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I get all sorts of things there. I like getting all the varieties of the Samyang spicy chicken ramen. Japanese curry cubes. Various types of chilis. Fish sauce. Oyster sauce. Gochujang. Gochogaru. Seasoning packets for making pho. I also love going there as it is one of the easiest places to get beef bones to roast to make beef broth. I also get my soy sauces both normal, dark, and light varieties there. Oh yeah, and rice paper for homemade fresh rolls.