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They only have 3 stars on Yelp. A few comments that they're not much better than Ho Toy. I mean, Red Pepper is at a 3.5, so I guess neither are well liked on Yelp.

And I have no suggestions on Chinese food in Worcester. There is Wong Dynasty and Yankee Grill in Holden though. Pretty good food even though the name is off putting.


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The part on not having enough cops is probably part of the cause. The defund the police movement did have an impact in Worcester. Many cops walked during that time and they haven't hired enough to fill the spots of everyone who walked. Not to mention there were some who were fired for being dicks.

When you have fewer cops, people will notice and be more reckless. Crime will start to increase as well. We're starting to see this happening across the country since so many people wanted to defund the police. It should have been more about regulations on spending and having better training than defunding imo.


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I'm in a nice area of Worcester. Good schools, nicer homes, etc. And I also said this is most of the east coast, not just Worcester. As for the house selling, that's a market issue. Lots of houses have sold easily in this area in the past, but it's not a good market for buying houses when interest rates are almost 10%.

I also do know not everyone has the same experience. I offered my experience as someone who came from a different culture within our own country to someone who's thinking about moving from a different culture in an entirely different country.

Sounds like you have this need to defend Worcester when people in Worcester are some of the worst Massholes I've met.


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I wouldn't move to Worcester, MA from Ireland. There are places in the US that are really nice, but Worcester isn't one of them. Actually, most of the east coast is shitty except for a few areas.

Source: I'm from the Midwest and people out here are rude and entitled. My biggest regret in life has been leaving the Midwest for the east coast. Just don't have enough money to move back and probably can't sell my house for enough in today's market.


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>I feel as though they could tow every car parked illegally on the daily and the fuckin morns in this city would still do stupid shit in clearly marked areas and complain about it.

Most likely. There will always be people who don't read signs, don't pay attention to city ordinances, or just feel they should be able to do what they want.


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>i know that these fees are generally uncontestable but fuck the dpw and the cops for their irregular enforcement. a lot of these people probably don't realize they will be towed because this is the literal first time this dysfunctional city has towed on this street all fucking season

This is exactly why it's irregular. If they do it regularly, they won't make as money in tickets. It's the lazy way to get more tickets written to meet their quotas.


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Reply to comment by delcrossb in Home Services Scams? by delcrossb

It's super easy and quick to do it yourself. My husband cleaned ours in the fall and it took about 20 minutes total. Plus, with the attachments being less than $50, it will save you lots to do it yourself.


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You seem very upset at the fact that I see verifying 100 barbers as too much work. And you don't want to answer my question as to how you'd know who's a serial killer because you wouldn't be able to without someone telling you or you looking it up.

It's Merriam Webster. They chose to add the word "discrimination" to any word using "phobic" that's centered around people, yet don't do that for any other "phobic" words. They also don't define "phobic" using the word "discrimination." So, you can probably see how they've adapted Greek words to mean whatever they want them to mean. By you using the word, you are saying you agree. By agreeing, you are changing Greek words that have been established for about 2400 years and choosing when and when not to add the meaning of bigotry or hatred to the suffix "phobic." You are picking and choosing when and where "phobic" means one thing vs another.


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>LIf there’s a hundred men in the room and one of them is a serial killer, I’m going to avoid all 100 men

How do you know there's a serial killer in the room?

>Again, you can judge people to keep yourself safe, and it’s done subconsciously every day.

Never said you couldn't. I'm saying if you judge people based on what someone did, or said, to you before, you're being prejudice (or bias if you want a nicer word). You're making assumptions of people. With my past examples, this could be racist or sexist, so how is it any different in this case?

>So, if there’s a hundred barbers in worcester and one of them is transphobic, wouldn’t you want to try and find out which one?

Nope. I'd go to a barber and see how the interaction goes. 1/100 is such a small chance that it's not worth the time and effort to figure out which one it is.

Also, you're using "transphobic" incorrectly. Phobic is a suffix from the Greek language and literally means having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Such as arachniphobic, which is an extreme fear of spiders. You can't decide to change the Greek language that has been set for around 2400 years. Or did you think arachniphobic meant to have an extreme hatred or bigotry of spiders?


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>Where should I get an apartment if I'm attending WPI and don't want to spend a lot on rent?

What are your plans for nightlife and weekends? Do you want to hang out with people more or will you be mainly studying?

>I'm from India, what should my wardrobe look like, and where to buy winter clothing?

You'll need some warmer clothes for winter. On average, it's about 20-30⁰F during the winter and 80⁰F during the summer. There are some days in the winter where it will be really cold, but it's not often. Same with summer and the heat; there will be some days that get close to 100⁰F but it's not often. So have a mix of clothing items to be able to make outfits for 0⁰-100⁰ to factor in those outlier temperatures.

As for getting clothes, there's lots or shops in Worcester, plus a few malls within about 30 minutes drive time. You can even get to Boston from the Worcester train station and Boston transit is pretty good.

>Can I travel around using public transportation or will I require a car?

In Worcester, transit isn't that great. You'll need to use Uber, your legs, or get a car. My opinion is bias though since I'm from a city in the Midwest that had a really good transit system, closer to what Boston has without a subway.

Personally, I'd get a beater car just to be able to go where you want and when you want.


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>It’s okay to be weary of people places or things based on lived experiences.

Never said it wasn't OK. Being alert and understanding your surroundings is much different then making assumptions and judgments. Making assumptions and judgements of people of a certain group based on only the people you've been in contact with that were shitty isn't right. Again, if someone did that to black people, it would be called racism. If people did that to trans people, it would be called hate and bigotry. So what is it when you choose to dislike all men and be leary of all men? I feel like there's a word for that. 🤔

And of course you'd be leary of a racoon acting strange. It's a wild animal. That's much different than a human being who isn't going to be exposed to rabies as much as animals living in the wild would be.


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Exactly! People looking for jobs go where the money is. Worcester was advertising plow jobs like crazy since early fall. Not many people want to work for Worcester.

Some people act like plowing a road is one of the easiest jobs you could do. They don't understand you can't just get into a plow truck and do the job without any knowledge or training. They're probably the same people who think running a combine is super easy to do as well.


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People need to understand what's happening. There is a shortage of people willing to do this work. Until the city can fix their side, people won't be applying for these jobs as much. They're doing what they can with the resources (people) they have. If you have this big of an issue with it, go get your proper license for plowing and get a job to help.