dustingibson t1_ja9727w wrote

I remember Hyundai plant opening near me around early to mid 2000s. It was a huge deal for the area. Options were either crime, minimum wage service jobs, or have the means to go to college, move out and get a higher paying job. We were told guaranteed $50K+ salaries and on the job training.

Almost 20 years later, they are hiring at lower wages than what was supposedly offered from start and relying on illegal child migrant labor.

Sad to see.


dustingibson t1_j5jvbiy wrote

Maybe just me or my version of Google maps. Or how I have it set up?

Though I find Google maps to have more info and cleaner interface, the actual calling out of directions isn't very good. The call outs are usually late and sometimes confusing compared to Waze and even Apple. I like how Waze call outs are more in line of someone guide you in the front seat.

If it's not just me, maybe we will see an improvement in that?