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It would be great if PGE gave hourly usage breakdowns to download. Something they offered before and it was handy to determine if time-of-day bills would save money. The data isn't available any more (or very well buried). In any case, when we buy an EV, we will probably just use a 120v/20amp circuit. Our heat pump is the main power pig.


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When I was stationed in the West Indies one of the female officers tried desperately to get a tan, because she was going home for xmas. Six hours a day three days a week, nothing. No tan, no burn, nothing.


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I have an acquaintance who is a semi-professional clown. She refuses to accept that some people (me included) do not find clowns funny or entertaining. I saw her working a crowd at a street fair and about 70% of the kids got very upset when she approached, didn't slow her down.


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Because of the shallow roots, some redwoods have been killed by people compacting the soil around them. Redwoods can grow in areas where there isn't much rain but lots of fog. The branches and needles condense the fog and it drips down around the tree. The wide, shallow roots absorb enough to keep the trees healthy.