dyfish t1_jbwg47n wrote

He’s fast, I’m sure the fasted man in football. Maybe the fastest man in a ball related sports. But he’s not a top tier sprinter in the track world. We don’t need to pretend he is, he’s a beast in his own right. I think a lot of people who know nothing about track and field will watch that clip and see these headlines and draw the conclusion that he is. We are over hyping his track speed, because of his football speed. It just feels a little disingenuous. Don’t get me wrong it’s insane he can put that time up and not even be a dedicated sprinter. But we owe it to ourselves and sports in general to frame it properly. He’s not out there blowing away top level competition, and that’s how a lot of people are selling it. Now if he chose track over football. Who knows, he might be elite. He clearly has the ability to potentially be a Olympic medalist.