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Unfortunately, you’re ignorant on the subject. Older buildings have pest issues. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are spent on extermination because nobody wants to live in a place with known issues, which means no rent collections.

This is coming from someone that has worked in the industry. So take that uppity transplant, ignorance, experienced bullshit elsewhere.


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Lmao. I’m going to assume you are a middle school aged person or are something else. They weren’t reached because they didn’t want to be reached. Many declined the survey. How the fuck you live in the park but somehow miss canvassing for two weeks.

Layman’s (your) terms.

If, over the course of two weeks, someone is taking a an assessment of the clothes washing ability of the people who live in your home, and even though the three other occupants actually wash clothes, yet you refuse to wash clothes, can they give you a score? Or were you simply not reached?


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Don’t even try. Fucking guy is jerking you around. If people really wanted hello they would seek it out. Not wait until their shit is literally bulldozed to say “oh wait let me do something”.

And the people here throwing a fit about it are the worst. They know damn well that help is available. People just don’t go get it. That means either a) tough cookie. Or b) they aren’t mentally capable to make these decisions and need to be placed involuntarily.


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What. Half of those offered housing denied it. What is so hard to understand here?

As someone that works with this population, my position is the same.

When it comes to these camps, the only way to get these people off their ass is to force them to take action. A camp shouldn’t be around indefinitely because people won’t take it seriously. Same with the eviction moratorium and people just saying fuck it when it comes to paying their rent. And if you don’t have experience in the matter, I’m not trying to hear it.


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Oh god. Your emotions are yours to deal with. I’ll give you some stats. Half of the 55~ in the camp were not surveyed. It was because they weren’t able to be found, or declined to even go through the process.

You mean to tell me that these people have been trying to get housing for the several months they set up shop in the square?

And no, I didn’t have to dig through your posts. I just remember how ridiculous it was when I saw it.


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You guys are overestimating the “corruption” here. Used to work directly with DCHA. And if anybody knows anything about them, they are lazy af and absolutely do not work. Once the lease is in place they have no incentive to get off their asses and reassess any market rate properties. Sometimes they go months without sending funds and have to send 3 months worth of rent at once.

They’re getting the shit back in RE taxes anyways so they don’t give a shit.