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You think voters aren't responsible for their government in a democracy? What's brainwashed about pointing out the literal principal of what separates a democracy from other forms of government?

And Pennsylvania of all states 😂 The state that has been fooled into electing the same people for a few decades now, long enough for slow burn gerrymandering -- and then act all surprised pikachu that things no longer change or get better.


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I completely disagree. Sure they are examples of a popular policy, but people vote for who they vote for and it's on all of us individually for getting what we deserve for those decisions. No person gets a special excuse for having a leopard eat their face just because a few rich pricks use their resources to convince them that it's patriotic to jump in the cage.

A few hundred billionaires can't control an unwilling population, only a willing one.

It's so odd that a country that beats its chest about personal responsibility struggles the most with this concept.