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Idle Hour - dive no BS , chartreuse, pickle backs , Salvadoran beer

The Wurst Bar - Hidden in Crossbar for cocktails

Clavel Bar - Mezcal flights and that aged negroni

Birds of a Feather -for the scotch and other whiskey

SugarVale - Cocktails and they Carry Compass Box whiskey


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They didn’t even look at the Latino Stores like Mega Mart and LA Mart. You can buy a lot stuff for much cheaper than these other places. It also falls like HMart that if you buy certain items that caters to their customers you can have even more savings. But the international markets tend to have lots of Meat options and at a cheaper price.


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Strictly for the Coffee and Beans / roasts.

  1. Cafe los Sueños (Do their own Roasting)
  2. One Do (Do their own roasting)
  3. Sophomore (They had multiple bean)
  4. Vent (Do their own roasting)
  5. Ceremony (Do their own roasting) and crazy coffee experiments.
  6. Witches brews in MOMS is good and cheap (Do their own roasting)
  7. Artifact (Uses Counter Culture)
  8. Atwaters (Uses Counter Culture)
  9. Oder and Chaos (Uses Vent)
  10. 3 Bean Coffee ( Uses Vagrant)
  11. Patango (Uses Vigilante, it’s a hit or miss how they make the espresso, but the beans are good)

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Avoid Meridian, the people are great but the company they sell your mortgage is terrible. Within one year, they miss calculated my taxes, they charged them twice. I had to do their work by going on the Baltimore City website and see the correct taxes on my property. After that it took them 3 months to recalculate my monthly payments, and I am still fighting to get the over payment they automatically took.


See if you qualify for a Credit Union like Pen Fed and then get something competitive like Rocket Mortgage and make them match Rocket. Get at-least 3 and make them fight for it.


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I think it all depends. The big value stores like costco and Bjs have great value if you have a big family. Then you can go to the grocery stores to buy the small or very perishable items. Sprouts has great Proteins and fruits you just need to know what your buying. Harris Teeter also has good proteins and some good value in fruits. Best value is a mix of stores if you have the time. And then Aldis , bro/cousin trader joe’s is great too for snacks , pastas indulgences.