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A DNR is very specific medical orders. What you’re talking about is more vague than that. If you have a DNR they will NOT resuscitate you no matter the cause or opinions of the medical professionals. Your wish is to not be resuscitated medically and they honor that. Your heart stops and they can’t and won’t do anything. Based on your feelings you do Not want a DNR but should write up a living will and make instructions for your next of kin or whomever you want to have power over these decisions about what threshold you’re willing to go to and what you do or do not want them to do.


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Not necessarily, but you can call it in just to be sure. Someone who actually knows stuff about seals can keep an eye on it but it’s very likely the pup is just chillin while mom is off doing seal shit or on a dunks run or something idk I’m not a seal doctor


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Reply to Joint Lease by [deleted]

The good news is you won't be homeless one way or another, at least not for a long time. Eviction takes a decent amount of time, even with people who are completely delinquent. You should be talking to your landlord about the situation, first and foremost. Almost guaranteed: Your roommates are responsible for finding subletters, not you, especially if they are also on the lease. You need to talk to your landlord to make it clear you are paying your share for the future but your roommates are bailing out without replacement to see how they respond. If they are not sympathetic, you may have to sue your roommates, but either way I would not pay the share of the rent for your roommates until speaking to a lawyer with a housing specialization about this first. Chances are you can't anyways, so it's a mute point. Once again, eviction is a long process so you will not be out on the street in any short order one way or the other and if you have records that you are paying your share consistently you'll have plenty of ammunition to protect your housing status.


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This is gonna come off the wrong way but fuck it. People are way too entitled and addicted to bringing their dogs everywhere. I love dogs and I’ve always had them around but since when did it become so normalized to bring your dogs around food? When did it become normal to have them strolling about taking a piss in star market? They don’t literally need to go everywhere nor should they. And the reaction when someone confronts them is almost always incredulous - like there aren’t laws, health codes, and common courtesy. Dogs are lovely fluffy creatures who are also pretty dirty and gross and people can be deathly allergic or msg be seriously freaked out by them. And don’t get me started on the lax leashing in MA. Makes me sick to see dogs getting into avoidable fights, running into traffic, or lost on trails in the woods while their owners are fucking off taking selfies somewhere. We need to grow up and be better to our dogs and more courteous to each other


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Additionally a part of how B cells function is a form of ‘evolution’ - they purposefully break and mutate their genome to make insane amounts of varieties of antibody combinations in response to and before infection.