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My broker has shut down trading on SVB but has left FRC up. That's all the DD I need right there.

Nothing blows up a broker quicker than regards playing leveraged CFDs.


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He was a swing trader who used day trading principles for entry and exit. He was able to tune into the market patterns but couldn't maintain it over the long term as the psychological pressure built up the longer he was active in the markets. So he went broke, took some time off then came back and made a fortune two more times before completely wrecking his emotional health. Was playing a young mans game, and when he realized he was too old to play it was lights out.


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There's a decoupling underway, from China and their cheap labor, which requires higher prices and lower demand in the short term. Higher prices will stimulate producers to expand their factories etc,,, and lower demand will happen because supply will continue to be well below where it would otherwise be, forcing low income consumers out of the retail markets.

So inflation is the correct course of action as far as global politics is concerned.

But a recession is highly unlikely as the capital investment required to restart domestic manufacturing will create a new economic boom as all the extech workers pick up shovels.

TLDR: America always wins.

Side note: Don't worry, be happy.