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Most people do not tale advantage of the tax programs they are eligible for. Homestead Exemption for Property Taxes. Student Loan Repayment Credit for Income. There are a lot of programs, and you have to make sure you are getting your moneys worth as well


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Let the market figure itself out, fact of the matter is all of the dispensary locations sat dormant or in disarray for decades, now they are the best looking commercial buildings in the area. People whined about Dots Good Deals and Ed's Stuff for years, and at some point need to realize there isn't a four lane highway from Brunswick to Rockland


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I was in Walmart years back in the DVDs, and a guy next to me arched back and hocked a loogie right at Saving Private Ryan. I said nothing, he said nothing and he walked away.


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We have an adequate supply according to the census because we have so many communities with summer residences and camps, of which the vast majority are occupied for less than 3 months by seasonal residents and short term renters.

South Bristol for example had 435 households in the 2020 census and 1,045 housing units meaning 58.3% of housing units are not occupied by full time residents.

That is insane, and there are a lot of ideas about solutions.


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In total they've spent over $10 million opposing the initiative, you can read more and look over details here:


Also their website shows all the businesses and organizations that support "Maine Affordable Energy", see more here: