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ANOTHA NOTHA TIME Go to my buddys bachelor party, drinkin on Cape Cod all weekend, we got to Nantucket on Saturday, go to Cisco, mobbed, packed, stand in line for food, guy in front of me has an electrician tshirt, I'm like yo do you know so and so he goes Yeah that's my brother, well come to find out I had dinner with this guy and his whole family like 8 years previous

As always Can't go anywhere


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Another time I'm checking into a Marriot outside of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, guys in front of me had Molnlycke jackets (Swedish firm that bought a medical foam manufacturer here) asked them if they knew my friend working there, they indeed had just had a meeting with him the week before


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I was in a little bar called Cafe Pollux in Amsterdam Walked into the bathroom, stood at the urinal I said something along the lines "Jesus you guys see that dog in there" (there was a house dog who sat at the bar)

Guy in stall with Dutch accent replies "You must be from Maine"

I shit you not.