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Look, I'm doing something. I scraped off a bunch of losers' stickers then went straight to reddit to advertise for them.

The irony of you posting this is hilariously sad. Way to go Streisand!


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> your condescending post.

That you took it as condescending is telling of someone who gets emotional when their point of view is challenged. Rather than make a logical argument, you chose to yell whataboutism and hurl insults. A logical thinker doesn't need to resort to fallacies, like people overcome by emotion.

Once again, extremely relevant: You cannot reason someone out of something he or she was not reasoned into.


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>Comparing the USA to Qatar is one hell of a stretch. Let me know when the government starts murdering LGBTQ+ individuals for simply existing.

Workers killed in Qatar since they were awarded the world cup in 2010: ~6500 = 541/year for 12 years straight.

Civilians killed as a result of US military action in just 5 countries since 2001: 387,072 = 18,432/year for 21 years straight.

This could be an epiphany moment, where you realize how out of touch with reality you are. Or it could show you how you've been manipulated to hold certain lives as more important than others. But, I'm gonna guess neither of those will come to pass and you'll just double down. Seems like the phrase 'You cannot reason someone out of something he or she was not reasoned into' is very relevant.


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>my mom definitely told her she was going to open a more budget friendly thai restaurant across town. She knew this, and was ok with this.

I used to hang with them, and they definitely would not agree with this statement.

> Original owner of Rama Thai is the same lady that bought Thai House and is still using the majority of recipes.

She must have tweaked them pretty hard, because the few times I've had it, it hasn't been even close to as good as Thai House of Express.

Congrats on the move though. Looks like a good choice!


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Fun fact: Before Thai Express, there was Thai House on south Campbell. Essentially the same recipes, but in a bit fancier sit down setting. Patrick(the dad) They sold that to a local couple then promptly opened Thai Express and put them out of business.