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I don’t recommend task rabbit. They ran overtime; didn’t have the proper equipment, were slow and I ended up doing a lot of the work. I could have paid for real movers and done a lot less work for what I paid. Also, if you’ve never used TR before, I was surprised by the fee structure and didn’t appreciate it.


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Imo, start with Philly, NYC can be overwhelming solo as a first trip like this. Book ahead on Amtrak and if you sign up for an account they’ll send you deals. It’s a short and easy ride. You can do a day trip or a weekend for a reasonable price. Look up what you want to do and where you want to go first and have a plan. I usually research things to death because I want to walk around confident, and I end up stumbling across something unplanned and have a great experience. Good luck!


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Take this person up on their zaatar! That’s a good place to get and the wild thyme zaatar is the best! I think Yellow also sells it? Not sure if they still do but I think at one point they did. If you have a car hit up the Mediterranean Bakery in Alexandria.


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They’ve been disgusting that if I remember it , I had over with clorox wipes and microban. They’re generally out of washer fluid and have deflated tires all things I’ve repeatedly reported and addressed for the cars I’m in. I have a zipcar account too but generally F2M is closer and about 50 cheaper for a day rental but this has definitely sealed the deal for me, I’m done: I have to wait 5-7 for a personalized response, but closing my account after.


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I think what happened here is someone took the car after me. Maybe even illegally, and they are blaming me since they don’t have a record? I’m supposed to wait 5-7 days for a ‘personalized’ response but they had no problem immediately charging my card $70 for a ticket that isn’t my fault. Definitely done with them.


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He’s probably embarrassed, I have a friend who is in a similar situation. She’s in her 70s and her place is quite bad. I’ve offered to help multiple times but she puts me off. Selfishly I am not in a rush because I’m terrified of the processes, so I’ve been considering just finding professionals to handle it for her. I’ll be following this post. Good luck, OP.


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Also trash doesn’t create rodents out of thin air. They come in from somewhere when it’s cold and there is warmth, they’ll use the trash probably to feast or build nests but he didn’t create them out of nothing. And no where did OP say he wants to help the guy screw people over, just to help him not get evicted.


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I don’t have a car and when I’m at a friend’s house I would never expect them to leave it to drive me to my place UNLESS they are going that way for another reason. I Uber or metro there and back.

We are older so if they’re going to Costco and passing by my place they’ll ask if I want a ride and because it’s Costco generally would drop me back off but that’s not often.

If you and your friends are meeting at X and you pass their place on the way; not terrible to offer to pick them up or drop them off. But don’t offer things that significantly inconvenience you if the person is fully able to manage things on their own.