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It’s the same answer I’d give to - why do I read any book? It makes no difference whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. I never think to myself, I’m in the mood for whatever. Just whatever strikes me as interesting at the moment. I’m actually surprised by the question and by anyone who can answer it.

Edit: As if you can’t escape into non-fiction and you can’t learn stuff from fiction.


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LOL - how much of a book do you need to have read that makes you feel I MUST FINISH!!

I lied before, I still feel the need to finish but these days I only feel that way if I’ve read like at least half.


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I used to have a little of that compulsion to finish any book I start but tbh in my case it was totally meaningless because I can’t say I ever gained additional insight or appreciation by forcing myself to finish. Probably because I’d be skimming and not paying proper attention … but still. So I’ve stopped doing that.


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I don't know if this is your issue but plenty of people only read non-fiction. Maybe try it for awhile, if only for a little nudge to shake yourself out of this mood.

Some books about historical events tell fantastic stories. I love Erik Laarson for example. Also investigative journalists like Gerald Posner and James B. Stewart. Or recent political books although the problem with the books that are very much of the moment is that we readers may not have yet developed the distance it takes to look at controversial events in a measured way.


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I don't know how I managed this - maybe my inner prude has been censoring my reading choices my entire life -- but most fiction books I've read do not have a romance component at all, never mind sex. I'm amazed that it's such a strong element of fiction that readers have to actively avoid it!

You didn't mention a preferred genre so some recent favorites: Klara and the Sun (Ishiguru), Dutch House (Anne Pratchett), The Good Omen (Terry Pratchett). I'm about to read Squeeze Me (Carl Hiaasen) - fingers crossed if there's any sex it's hilarious.

I re-read Dune recently - Paul marries, Jessica loves Leto but I don't see the relationships as love stories. They feel like part of the grand arc of the entire series.


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I still love physical books but I've gotten more selective. Now the only books I have on my shelves are the ones I truly enjoyed. I don't see it as clutter. Though my house is mess so maybe I'm just a slob LOL.

Signed copies or first or special editions have little appeal for me. I suspect the audience for this sort of thing would be buying books anyway, and don't need extra incentive.


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I meant - if I only finish, say 1 or 2 books in 5, I’d say something is wrong. 3 or more, I’m good.

So there’s no need to finish all books you start but if you DNF “too many” then something is wrong.

BTW, I DNF too many. It leaves me dissatisfied- like I have no discipline, have no focus.