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maybe it depends where you live, I live in northern virginia i.e. DC, go into a grocery store or something most employees and about half the customers are masked up. I know that there is a big cultural difference between the north and south, especially in terms of down there people don't live on top of each other like they do here. But its not exactly uncommon, at least again in high population areas


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There are more then two sides to every story...and there has to be more going on here. Clearly this guy is of sane mind because he was in good health, he had proper clothing, he had established new identification, he was wearing a covid mask meaning he was up to speed on current events...did the cops inadvertently reunited him with people he legitimately wanted to escape from?


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I don't know if this helps you much but your comparing apples to eggplants lol. Todays limited government republican party would be virtually unrecognizable to Lincolns strong federalist party. Todays more socially liberal Democratic party has next to nothing to do with the democrats of that era. Its my opinion that todays Democrats were really born out of Thaddeus Stevens "radical republicans" todays Republicans were really born during the extreme states rights vs federal government arguments but that is about as much connection as they have to the parties your talking about.


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Eventually every sun runs out of gas, expands then explodes. The end result is planets get consumed by the black hole that forms, or, get ejected into space where the surface temperature becomes close to absolute zero until it gets trapped in the orbit of a new star system. The way we are living the earth will not be habitable forever either.


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The problem is for us earthlings we have to wait for science to catch up with our brains. Is their life on other planets? Almost certainly. Do beings on other planets have contact with other planets? Maybe. warp travel actually possible? Can you break the speed of light? Is it possible to observe distant solar systems in real time? We sadly have to wait for science to catch up to a point before we can even speculate