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This one's ground beef, curry, salt, worchestershire sauce, bread crumbs, peppa sauce, garlic, scotch bonnet, onion, cayenne, onion powder, garlic, all spice and simmered for about 45 minutes in beef broth and of course, salt.


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Been there.

cleared out a camp. cleared out a fort with medical stations and cleared it out, explored and looted.

haven't gone back. I feel like games try too hard to set the stage and try to be some sort of cinematic experience now. As soon as a cutscene/locke dscripted sequence starts I hope I can skip it or I do something else until it's over.

dying light 2 was so fucking disappointing I feel like if they just didn't have a story team it would have been 80% better


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That's the thing, I've got 5yrs on you but my career is fine I'm as stable as one can get and just gotta keep on developing and working. I've been just debating on getting another job because gaming is that boring. I took the woman out and had a nice dinner, took care of her and she's off doing her things she needs to take care of and this is an off work out day because I went yesterday and I'm recovering.

Just...nothing is interesting me....