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>The Nigeria can not buy oil from Saudi Arabia for any currency other than U.S. dollars. So if Nigeria doesn't have dollars, the easiest way to get them is to sell goods to the US for dollars, and then use those dollars to buy oil.

Well, that's not exactly the same thing. We can try to make sure a country we don't like doesn't have dollars to spend by not trading with them, but if they have dollars they can trade them for goods with anyone who will accept them. We can't say, "hey, you can't use your dollars to buy what you want bc that's our currency." And bc USD is the reference currency and is held by governments and private entities worldwide, what's to stop Nigeria from trading with someone else to get THEIR dollars and then using them to buy oil? The most circulated bill worldwide is the $100 USD. It's the currency of everything from commerce to crime all over the world.

>According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, nearly 80 percent of $100 bills—and more than 60 percent of all US bills—are overseas, up from roughly 30 percent in 1980.


There's no stopping the world from using their dollars amongst themselves for whatever they want.


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You got a source for this? Because I can't find one. I don't think the US has any say over whether Nigeria can buy oil from Saudi Arabia in US dollars. If Nigeria holds US dollars that it obtained legally, I don't see any way that the US can stop them from using them from purchasing good and service from anyone who will accept them as payment.

The real answer is that as long as the USD is the reference currency of commerce around the world that other currencies base their value on, the US can continue to print money without it greatly affecting its value. That's why we work so hard to make sure that the USD is what everyone uses...


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Adding to the other reply. Vodka is a clear, neutral spirit. It is made by distilling all the sugar out until it's 90+ % ethenol, then cutting it back down to about 40% with water. You can make it from anything. Ocean Vodka on Maui is 100% from sugarcane.


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Bleach denatures over time. If you do nothing it will eventually be fine. If you need to speed it up up for drinking, boiling it releases the chlorine. Also, you can do a vitamin C dechlorination, but there's math involved, so look it up.


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Best short series of all time. Shows what can be accomplished if the show runner has the balls to tell the story and stop when it's done. Notice no one is mentioning Westworld, but the first season was perfect and if they had stopped there would've been my pick for the best single season show ever.


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Semi related. Sometimes figuring out what something is called is the hardest part of buying it. I needed a specific kind of switch one time for a project I was working on. I knew I had seen something similar on a garage door once, but I kept searching 'garage door switch' and stuff and wasn't seeing it. . Took forever to figure out what the damn thing was called, but once I did, I had it bought in about 30 seconds. It was called a rolling limit switch.


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>billionaire heirs and the article also said that billionaires basically use the system to set up their heirs with unfair advantages.

But... That's true. There's no shame in saying things that are true. It sounds like you are worried because you said the truth and someone won't like you bc of that.