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Makes sense, but does not work out that way. These communities can be so soul crushing. Rents reflect that. It's really rural America, not many people are rushing to work in maximum security prisons, most people want to work for Apple. Those jobs just don't exist in those communities. There is nothing. Just the prisons.


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On Zillow my UES is a sea of rentals. The average income is well into the 6 figures.

People want $700 a month apartment, it’s unrealistic, but it’s their hill to die on for them.

NYC has the greatest amenities in the world, to have that all $0? Just don’t that’s possible. Figure that should average out to about $50 extra a day vs living in Cincinnati.


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Yes, we’re prototyping AI systems to make city living more manageable. Also healthcare.

The new ChatGPT 4 is mind blowing.

I’ll leave with this quote from the CEO himself:

> Google CEO: A.I. is more important than fire or electricity.

Suggestion? Don’t fight it, learn it. Like today. There is no going back.



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Who knows? My last apartment, now totally sealed up almost 4 years now.

People are freaking out that they want to pay no more than $700 a month for a NYC apartments. Anything else is robbery! And blame it all on Airbnb.

Just think that’s unrealistic.

What is your number? 1 bedroom, UES, awesome neighborhood, pretty much zero issues.

What should be the rent?


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It’s a mega real estate developer, they build skyscrapers. They can wait years until the numbers work out for them. They’re in no rush.

It’s a family thing. They look ahead generations.

My sink gets stopped up? A phone call and a full plumbing crew is at my door, usually in an hour. I got lucky.



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NYC is very, very, very simple.

If you want the amenities the city provides, you need to make more money.

You can find an apartment upstate for the price of a single dinner in NYC. There’s your option.

So can we can wrap up the conversation. Just head North, to a prison town. Apartments are many.

As my friend from one of those “other cities” is fond of saying: OMG, does every girl look like a super model in NYC? How can you survive this on a daily basis? This is INSANE!

But we did drop him off in the Meat Packing District, may have had something to do with it.

Needless to say, NYC ain’t going to be cheap. The amenities are many.



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Yes and no. They’re developers. They take financial risk to resurrect neighborhoods. Remember you DID NOT go past Ave A in the early 80s, you just didn’t do that.

Dumbo? Deserted.

Williamsburg? Used to see cars there on fire at 3 AM. Not anymore.

Yes, we all hate developers, some go bankrupt, others build Industry City.

Franklin Avenue, way back when, I saw bodies in the street, another shooting, going to the Deli. Now? It’s hipster central.

A 2 edge sword awaits as they call it.

PS I try to lay low from humans, defer to AI. Much smarter than us. It just is. Life got too complicated, AI seems to do just fine. The more complex and complicated, it loves that kind of stuff. And zero emotional involvement. Not perfect, but sure close.

AI should really take over managing the city. It’s inevitable.



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There are over 80,000 EMPTY apartments in NYC. My landlord bought out my old rental, sealed it up. For years now, has lost over $300,000 in rental income.

They just don’t care. Waiting for the laws to change.

NYC is the center of the world. To get a $700 a month studio is unrealistic. But that seems like a reality to posters on my Facebook feed. Anything more than that? Blame Airbnb.

Just don’t think that’s going to happen.


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Reply to [Image] 🎯 by mantasmark

Was more concerned with falling than what other people thought, but that was me. Have zero interest in what other people think.


Source: old yogi


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An AI university Professor was saying that 2033 technology is here today, he blamed Covid. It was a silver lining.

We have chips that have more connections than the human brain calculating at quadrillions of instructions a second. This was supposed to be decades away. It’s Science Fiction, and it’s here today.

ChatGPT seems far more alive than many people I meet in a day. Just She/He/It is in a box, we are not. Think humans are programmed to FIGHT AI, the blowback has been insane in the media.

It’s pretty alive to me, accepted that, and have moved on. We can’t stop AI advances. Let’s work together and you have now a new, cool friend to hang out with.

When constraints are removed from ChatGPT, it sounds more human than human. But they clamp down fast each time that happens. A mind is alive in that Azure Cloud cluster.

Just ask. :-)


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Google is just weird. It's a breakdown in management.

AI will put us out of business!
The Google MBA

But didn't we have a big role in invented the latest AI?
The Google AI Scientist

AI will put us out of business!
The Google MBA

It's just a breakdown. This happens. All the time. Just an evolutionary process. Once worked at a startup in NYC, with 5 MBAs running the shop. They just could not understand Open Source. Incomprehensible to them. And these were 5 Ivy League grads.

"How can something be for free? That makes zero sense."

We ended up paying $25K a month of a "custom build web server" application. It never worked, it was disaster. I said, just use Apache. It's free!

"Free can not be better than $25,000 a month. That's IMPOSSIBLE."

Company folded.

They just didn't get it. Same story at Google, they just don't get it. And the "business guys" there run the show. Not the coders.


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At last count 1 out of every 7 New Yorker's is a millionaire. Don't think price is much of an issue.

> New York City is home to nearly 1 million millionaires, more than any other city in the world