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It changed during the primary, and threw me for a loop at the time.

So you are aware, it's a small spot at the front left of Boys and Girls Club. Additionally, it was a bit of a cluster last time I was there during Primary, so give yourself a bit of time.

Also, on crutches, that's a bit of a long way down to go around, no real cut through.


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You're absolutely right. I genuinely don't know what the answer is... financial boycott or protest. We're all stuck in this system because we can't get across the fucking river with alternate systems - you can't get to the ferry without the damn PATH, and the tunnels are also controlled by PATH, so you're financially rewarding them by seeking alternatives. It feels helpless at times, absolutely.

Our Mayor used to be much more active and angry with the PATH, but he has been pretty quiet and cozying up to the state powers that be lately.


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There are avenues for recourse, but you have to actually do them:

Have you attended any of the public hearings, board meetings, or contacted anyone on at the Port Authority to discuss your concerns? If you have, that's the process.

Have you contacted the Governor's office or the transportation secretary? https://www.state.nj.us/transportation/about/commissioner/

If you haven't - complaining on Reddit or Twitter is the equivalent of sitting on your hands.


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You're not wrong. There's plenty of blame to go around - but the cities should have fought harder to ensure developers paid into a transportation improvement fund. They didn't want to hurt development, so it's never been a thing... but development is the #1 cause of this problem. And I think Jersey City in the next few years will be less to blame than what's happening in Harrison. Have you seen that place lately? Whoh boy... once all that land is developed near the station in the next few years, the trains will ARRIVE full into Journal Square.


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No doubt. They caught a break. I'll hate on PATH all day long, but I'm going to wait a bit to see this 10 car improvement they have coming online by the end of the year. That may just be enough to make things a BIT easier in places like Grove Street.


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This will come off rude, but it’s not intended that way - are you relatively new to riding PATH? It’s FAR better than it was, but definitely has moments like this. 2016-2019 was a major period of bad situations and small improvements. The signal updates sped trains up substantially, so we have less situations like this overall - but they happen.

But, appeals to elected officials will do very little since Port Authority is a multi state mess.

On Election Day, we’re getting the opportunity to put one of the port authority’s executives into power - Menendez Jr is directly responsible for a lot of these issues, and now he’s being rewarded for it.


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There’s essentially one major loop there, with an extension down to Caven Point near the golf course, to the south.

Park anywhere really, and you can do any distance and be pretty close to your vehicles.

Pro tip: bathrooms and water in various points - at the building near the flags at the south of the park, at the nature center and the playground in the middle of the park, and at the train station at the north of the park.

Better in the morning overall. Have fun!


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They often take money from public school funding, but don’t have the same standards or accountability. So, instead of putting more money into schools that need it, we’re actually just diverting or draining money. That said, it depends how the charter school is set up or funded.