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Finding a shared viewpoint as a point of departure during a conversation about anything is beneficial for joint exploration of positive thoughts and possible actions. Community and commonality are key.


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Not just ChatGPT - generative AI 'creating art'; AI doing deep fakes on voice, images and video; now even AI that will generate and copy cursive writing.

It's like somebody said, let's find the most destabilizing and disruptive uses of the technology and went ahead and did it. Or, people are clueless as to the effects of the technology when they create it.


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Assessments based on concepts of the students future needs presumes you know what the students are going to need. Things that are fundamental needs are better addressed. Using ChatGPT in developing lesson plans, grading, or writing essays is unwise because ChatGPT will give you wrong answers, generic answers, or not the same answer twice. It will give you citations that it made up. It has problems with basic math and distinguishing letters.


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One of the fundamental principles is to follow the law and regulations. Laws and regulations provide justice, treating all people equally and equitably.

These principles flow from morality. Autonomy, beneficence, non-malficence, justice.


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Moral rules are the basis of the system of laws that make sure we have a society of human beings behaving well and in harmony. It is naive to imagine them derived solely as a result of logic. The term 'moral bloatware' is a loaded phrase.


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No, it is too expensive. Beyond that, it's attempts to curate responses to queries is subjective and limiting. Getting a different response on subsequent same queries is a drawback also. And then there is the question of coverage. And then there is internet misinformation. So no.