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Its slowly getting better. At first it was pretty dumb, Dr Song has a Phd in physics and speaks Korean and English, where Dr Beckett had 6 Phd's and spoke a dozen languages. So watching Song breeze through the episodes with minimal effort bored me to tears. But so far, im starting to look passed that since the episodes are slowly getting better.

New elements that wernt in the original show.

Other leapers, not evil leapers, but others, potentially from the future.

Other staff helping Dr Song by entering the imaging chamber.

Al Calavicci's daughter playing a major character, but as a black sheep.

People who Dr Soon leaps into, are not transported to the future. Theres no debriefing room for them, they simply dont remember anything.


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Huge fan of Red Dwarf got me to read the books. Lots of big differences, one of which is where they find a derelict ship with Faster than Light and a copy of Better Than Life. So they all decide to enter the game while the FTL takes months to get back to earth, only they get trapped in the game and dont know it. Everyone's BTL fantasy was great, but the Cat was hilarious.

>!The Cat's fantasy has him living in a massive castle, with a moat made of milk. Stationed all through out the castle are half naked valkyrie warriors. In the back yard, he's playing polo, except hes riding on dinosaurs and a dog is the ball. While everyone eventually realizes they're stuck in the game, Cat is the only one that doesn't, he thinks he just deserves all this and asks no questions. !<


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Ive owned 2nd and current gen nVidia Shields. Its nice to have Ethernet and USB in a device, but the last OS upgrades introduced ads that are annoying. You exit Kodi, Plex, VLC, etc and it seems to hang there for a few seconds as its try to load up a new ad. Sure you can load up a custom launcher, but tap the home button and it exists the launcher and starts dishing you up ads.

For those that pirate content, the ads basically tell you when a movie has been released on a torrent site.

Also dedicated buttons on remotes, for the Shield its the Netflix button. I'm always accidentally touching it and I get to spend 10-15 seconds waiting for it to load so I can exit out of it. Even if I subscribed to Netflix, I would still accidentally click on it by mistake all the time. I am told you can re-map the button, but the app costs $3-4 I think.

I have owned the following

2nd Gen AppleTV. WDTV Live. Raspberry Pi (OpenELEC). Windows7 PC. Chromecast w/GoogleTV. Xiaomi Mibox and S version.

Gotta stress how the Shield is a better product.


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He was the best scuzzy asshole in Ruthless People.

Being interviewed by the police, phone rings. "Hello. Debbie? .... Yeah, Debbie's here, who's this? Well, Ralph, Debbie can't talk right now, my dick's in her mouth. How 'bout if I have her call you back when I'm done.", hangs up the phone. "I love wrong numbers.",


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You can find used dual tuner hdhrs off eBay for $50-70. The newer ones have USB for local dvr recording, otherwise it records to a smb share just fine, but your paying $30 year for dvr use.

I used to have the cable card version of the hdhr and you couldn't record ppv/vod or premium channels like HBO and Showtime. Everything else recorded fine.

The files it records can easily be edited. Using any Kodi or VLC client (phone, tablet, media player) I can play the file, even while it's still recording. With Plex, I have to convert the file if I wanted to edit them and naturally have to wait for it to stop recording before I can view it. Also need Plex Pass for hdhr support, which varries from $100-130. Using Android channels app to dvr, it's free, but you can't transfer the files and they can't be viewed from any other device.