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I loved the episode, but I feel bad that some people who didn’t like it probably have legitimate adaptation problems. In the game it was clear they were gay, that Joel liked Frank and Bill, but the end of the story is that Bill didn’t change, Frank needed more beauty, and that he went off and killed himself. He left a suicide note calling Bill an asshole and Joel hides it from him. We talk and do side quests with Bill who is totally alive. So it was a tragedy of a relationship that was treated as non-special just because it was a gay romance.

This was the first part of the adaptation that was different in any way, and it added a LOT, and it added it in a way that wasn’t really realistic given the zombie apocalypse thing. Bill was not living that pretty in the game - there was no indication of warm showers or a piano or anything like that.

I remember the first time I saw an adaptation was the Swiss Family Robinson movie and they left out a child. It sticks with me to this day. Many of the fans of the game have played it for hundreds of hours, have played and replayed it, and I understand the wait - you’ve altered this thing that I love! It doesn’t matter the reason - it’s not what you’ve written my heart over with again and again.

I loved the episode, but I had to totally detach it from the game in order to like it, and I think if you were feeling like they decided they didn’t like the thing you liked you’re more likely to lash out at the final product.


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I would wonder what you think they should say. A lot of the other things you referenced - even Eversource or pizza - is reliable as the weather. You can complain about it, it’s a universal experience, and things could be done about it if we could all work together and agree about it.

This doesn’t seem like a systemic problem, it seems like a one off. If you wanted to avert it the only things I could think about would be faster arraignments and mental health resources because presumably this guy has anger issues at a minimum. It’s just a tragedy and I don’t see a way to politicize it. I’m sure if someone finds an angle it will be politicized - but I’m glad for the family it happened after the election so it won’t be so much.