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I went there with my 4 year old kid and his preschool. Good enough time-- saw a tiger pee through the fence on a tourist-- but the staff were a bit rude. I was standing by the "exit" while waiting for the rest of our party to come out and they yelled at me for reentering (by a few feet). It was obvious I had paid along with everyone else.

Also depending on when you go (or not) you'll want to wear mosquito netting. The bugs, not necessarily mosquitoes, are insane.


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Reply to comment by Blue_Eyed_ME in Maine Maple Failure. by JqD2_

I had a friend come over, drench his pancakes with my genuine syrup, then he left several tablespoons on the plate. He didn't even lick it up, just put it all in the sink.


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It's printed right on the side of the tire, and on a sticker in your door jamb. Someone might have a lead on some tires on sale.

The chain stores may also have a credit card with a 29% interest rate, if you're getting tax money in a month it won't sting too badly especially if you catch a sale.

If you're driving on bald tires and get in a wreck, you can get sued. Your insurance will pay for it but they won't like you so well after that and raise your rates in retribution.


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My heat pump is primary. I home-brewed a gadget based on an Arduino board that runs my boiler for a minute every hour when the outside temp is below 35, to keep the pipes from freezing, and to provide some heat to some closed-off rooms that don't get good air circulation from the heat pump.

One year in, and the system works well, and I'm saving real money.

Of note, I ran the boiler non-stop for that one 15-below day in early February. Gave the heat pump a break.


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Rented a place on the Sebago/ Naples line back in 2001 when wife & I were newlyweds. Nice, private. 5 acre lot but not a lot of road frontage, but a strip of garbage woodland that went way back. Think they had a 5 acre minimum lot size. Stars were nice.

This was before North Windham was as built up as it is now-- had to go to Portland for Home Depot, and Lowes wasn't even a thing. 302 is a miserable stroad, if you're trying to get into or out of Portland.

There was a lot of nothing. I miss it. It's going to get even more built up when the turnpike Gorham spur dumps out onto 114.


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I start my first shift adult job at 0630 because it uses the most available daylight. School should be the same way, so sports, particularly winter sports, have some hope of being performed by sunset.

Having high school start early gets kids ready for the real world. Adults in a household should be considerate and stop making noise after 8pm and the kids should go to bed when tired, and not stay up with their phones under the blankets playing on instagram.


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Yup, the town wants its excise tax BAD. If you can go 12 months and a day though you'll get a fresh year when you re-register it.

Going 5 months or more expired is a class E fine, not a ticket, if you get caught driving it on the road.

edit, months