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It's normal and happens all the time. You have to have permanently stopped driving the "old" car the plates are coming off of, eg, you sold it.

The registration fee is $35, and agent fee $4, but this isn't the lion's share of what you pay. You can see the fee breakdown on your yellow registration paper.

Excise tax is the lion's share of most registrations. If you have a lot of time on your plates before they expire, it'll be worth it. If you try "shenanigans" like moving some plates with a few months left on them to cover ones that expired, the town's demand for an excise tax will thwart you.

It's not a nuisance-- they're paid to do this, and the agent fee is the payment. You can save the $4 by doing it at the DMV but you'd have to be mad to wait in line.

What exactly are you trying to do?


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To be specific, you can use "year of manufacture" plates. Maine got black-on-white plates in 1973 (stamped expiration 74) that were renewed with validation stickers. These lasted until 1986-87 when the lobster plates took over.

You can run these plates on an antique, that has a valid antique registration, for the valid antique reasons listed on the DMV affidavit. (Mostly not daily use or for hire.) Just carry your state-issued antique plates with you in the car. The DMV and cops have no record whatsoever of those plates you got at a flea market.


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Somehow I convinced my sister that we should "race" shovelling the driveway to build snow forts out of the berms we created.

We had a rule that we could only throw snowballs from "our land" and the asphalt was no-mans-land.

In hindsight we were such tools.


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Here's a copy of the rules. If you have it on your phone it's searchable by text, so if someone says you need "Ball joints" and you wonder, what's a ball joint, you can search the pdf right there in the store and see if they're legit or not.

Some common misconceptions:

Not all oil leaks fail inspection. They only do if if it leaks “petroleum” fluid in an amount or in such a location as to constitute a fire hazard.

Not all rust holes fail inspection. They only do if the hole could allow exhaust fumes into the passenger compartment, or if a fender doesn't "fender" properly. You can have a hole in a pickup truck bed.

The contact info for the state police is on the cover of the book. Get, in writing, the list of stuff you fail for and feel free to give them a ring if you feel like something's up.


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Reply to comment by baxterstate in Dogs in grocery stores. by Norgyort

If you get agoraphobia because people who don't think you're the specialist little thing are mean to you, maybe stop doing things that make people mean to you such as breaking the law.


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There are "givers" and "takers" in the world.

People with emotional support animals want to see how much they can bend the rules in their favor, to be "special." Woe upon the person who challenges them. When these people mingle with us in daily life, they take, take, take.

An emotional support animal may only not be discriminated against in housing. Supermarkets only have to allow service animals, like seeing eye dogs or those epilepsy dogs... "prescription" dogs.


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My local hannaford posts on my town facebook group trying to hire people for pharmacy techs and other positions.

I troll them HARD about how allowing unions would bring them the needed staff, as well as trying to get them to commit to a starting salary for any of their several generic entry level positions. They won't mention any sort of hourly rate-- I assume because they have existing people working for less, who would get "uppity" if they found out new hires were getting more.

Sometimes they lock the comments, LOL.