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Well, I've been retired for 20 years, which makes it easier, but really, I've always read that much. My fixation on books and reading led to a long career in a very large public library system -- but you'd be surprised how much time busy librarians DON'T have to read.

I keep up with a number of series, too, mostly via a directory of checklist text files where I can keep track of whee I am with each one and what's about to be published next. When you read this much, you have to be organized about it, or you miss things.


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I get through ~150 books a year, so about three per week. (And I write and post online reviews of all of them.) But there's no special technique or anything, and I don't skim. I'm just a fast reader, and have been since before I started school. My eyes take in blocks of text rather than individual words and I retain whet I read better than most people. In other words, it's natural talent (which was very useful in school). I can't throw a football worth a damn and I've never been able to read music, but I have this. It all balances out.


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Okay, thanks. I wasn't aware of alcohol acting as a deeper chemical catalyst. I cook with wine frequently, and I've cooked with rum (though I don't really like the taste of rum from a glass), and those, of course, add an extra taste to the dish -- but it's a taste of "themselves," if you follow what I mean. It's like adding any other ingredient. This is a whole different issue that I hadn't considered.