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During the Bush administration we were having a public debate on torture as a means of interrogation and the public consensus was that this is never acceptable.

Meanwhile the #1 show on TV was 24 where everyone cheered Jack torturing people to get information.

It does raise certain moral quandaries. When the shit hits the fan then maybe you suddenly want those people who we might judge in normal circumstances.

I still fundamentally disagree with what Joel does in the finale but it makes for entertaining fiction and an interesting story to debate.


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Mulholland Drive fucked with my mind the most. When it was over I truly wasn't sure what I had just watched. I rewatched it a bunch and then thought I knew what it was about, and then I see a variety of completely different and yet well reasoned arguments about what they think it is about.


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The joke used to be "I only read Playboy for the articles", but in reality it had tons of great journalism, short fiction and very few pages of nudes. People were interspersing their wanks with political commentary with Playboy.


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Most Freemason Grand Lodges don't admit women. There are some but they are considered clandestine. We basically aren't part of the same network. They can't attend our lodges and we can't attend theirs. But there are female Masonic bodies my wife belongs to.

We require a sincere belief in Deity but that can be from any religion. We don't advocate any one religion or tell people what to believe.