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Just chiming in here since this discourse feels like it's turning toxic (more on that below).

FWIW, I fully support Daniela Arroyo and anyone in her position who would be undergoing any sort of gender affirming care.

> Just asking questions is literally template sealioning at this point.

I think the primary difference here (re: sealioning) might be if you're already engaged in a discourse with an individual who engaged in sealioning over multiple exchanges in a dialog. If the person doesn't have a history of doing it just yet (maybe later on in the discussion) then I don't think it's fair to label them that way; at least not yet.

I just don't think it's fair to prevent people from asking any and all questions, regardless of their intent and without knowing their intent. You may think it's stupid or that it's completely obvious to you, but shutting people down simply for asking isn't the best way to help those who are actually honestly curious. It likely just entrenches them further.


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This kind of has us scrambling a bit, actually. Not because we'd have to pay per se, but rather we've been using their API for so long on our website (and def still on v1.1) that now when we check the developer site it just funnels to a "Sign up" and no longer shows us our existing/old apps, so we cannot find/figure out which account was linked to our production credentials (and that's really on us for not staying on top of which account that was).

But even if we login to the account that holds our test API credentials (maintained entirely separately for security reasons), it doesn't show our app at all, which is annoying AF. Add to all that, when we try to login to one of our accounts to see if that is the one linked to our credentials, it forces 2FA via email which normally would be fine, but: Their emails aren't even working.

Twitter feels so broken right now and barely over a week's notice is a huge PITA when our dev team is already pretty slammed as it is.


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Reply to comment by Hyfrith in [image] you are tomorrow by yetTear272

Are you me?

I think this shit plagues me. Sadly, I must admit… I’m so distracted (undisciplined? spoiled/privileged? ADHD? all of the above?) that I’m sitting here on reddit instead of getting ready for work. But even during the regular work day, this affects my memory. Like, right now, I’ve got a ton of interesting ideas on things I wanna pursue and research (as well as slack off, like what I’m doing here) instead of thinking/focusing on what’s important right now. Probably because it’s just too easy.

But when I’m in “the zone,” it’s the complete opposite.