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You got this whole lawsuit wrong.

They aren’t suing them for hurting the environment, they are auing them for putting short term profits (which result in bonuses for the board) instead of investing in renewable energies that are now better investment for long term profits and survival of those corporations.

This isn’t about reducing profits to improve climate change, but its actually about them reducing corporate profits to worsen climate change (and improve their personal profit).

The board has a legal duty to handle the risks that come (to the company) from overuse of oil, and they failed that duty because they increased the long term risks to the company’s bottom line by overusing oil for increased bonuses.


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Yeah, that’s actually what the lawsuit was about.

It wasn’t about them hurting the environment, but about them hurting investors’ profits.

By hurting the environment and not investing in green energy they are getting huge short term gains (which are reflected on their bonuses), but they hurt the long term profits of the company as a green energy strategy is now more profitable for the long term.

And thats why they might even win, not because they are damaging the world, but because they are hurting stockholder profits while doing so.


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Well, if outdoor plants optimally grow in some type of soil, but indoor plants optimally grow in another type, then it makes sense comparing both optimal growths.

Otherwise, you’d have to compare them when grown in soil that benefits one type.

Its kinda like trying to compare Brazilian MMA fighters vs Thai MMA fighters and then saying the comparison is invalid because they ise different styles, well obviously Brazilians use BJJ but Thais use Muay Thai..


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Honestly, not the worse advice.

No-one is going to kill themselves with a full cup of tea, they'mm most likely at least wait until drinking it.

But most people who commit suicide do it out of a temporary urge, and waiting for the coffee to cool down before drinking it and killing themselves might let the urge subside.

Sure, they're still depressed and might likely get snother urge again, but at least they live to fight another urge, instead of just killing themselves on the spot.

Not the best advice, but much better than nothing.


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Well, it's actually the second law that states this, not the first one. It says that heat flows from the object with higher temperature to the object with lower temperature.

How a microwave basically works is that it sends out microwaves at a certain frequency that they interact with water.

It basically interacts with most polar molecules causing them to spin and heat up. Since water is a polar molecule that can interact with microwave frequencies, it interacts with them, absorbing the wave and as a result producing heat. Transforming the electromagnetic energy (since microwaves are electromagnetic waves) into thermal energy.

But water isn't the only polar molecule that can interact with microwave frequencies of electromagnetic waves, other molecules can have that same interaction too.

So when you put a plate (or any object) into the microwave that also has molecules that interact with microwave frequencies, that plate (or those objects) also heat up just like water would.

If you want to know what causes the molecules to spin, it's that their polarity (which is linked to its dipole moment) wants to align with electromagnetic fields, and the microwaves (as well as any electromagnetic wave), is just a disruption to the magnetic field, so the polar molecules wants to align with the constantly changing electromagnetic field.

Water (H2O) is a polar molecule because of it's structure, since the molecule is formed at an angle, with the O molecules going the opposite side as the H molecule, since O is more electronegative, it attracts the electrons to one side, causing that side to have more negative charge and the other side a positive one.

Think of it as every water molecule being a compass, with one side negatively charged and the other positively. It wants to align with the world's electromagnetic field and point north. Now if you bombard the world with other electromagnetic waves, the field will be constantly changing and causing the compass to spin fast, which would cause friction that ends up being heat.

But it would heat up all compasses, not just the ones created from X material. And there are many molecules that are polar, not just water.


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Yes, it causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate, but if the plate has a similar frequency to the water molecules, then the plate can heat up too.

And yes, if you have a plate that generally heats up more than the food, you can put it in the microwave and it will heat up.

Why are you arguing instead of listening? I have a major in physics engineering, I know what I'm talking about. Your explanation literally violated one of the basic thermodynamic laws.

Seems like Dunning Krueger effect in action.


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This is completely incorrect, heat transfers from the gotten object into the colder one, if the food is colder than the plate then the plate will warm up the food, not the other way around. This is the basis of thermodynamics.

What's happening is that the plate that heats up will have a resonating frequency close enough to the microwave frequency to the point where the microwaves can be picked up by the plate instead of the water inside the food.

So the plate gets heated up instead


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Well, I think you are looking at both humans sleep and transfer of data too much on the surface level.

"Resting and feeling refreshed" come mostly from your brain processing data, and storing it in a different format for long term storage.

That's why you can be under anesthesia for 8 hours and not wake up feeling rested and refreshed as if you would've slept and processed those memories. REM sleep is basically the equivalent of processing human RAM for long term storage.

Also, saving one data set to another is likely not what's going on in the AI, I would bet that it processing the data set, and storing it on a different data structure that allows better long term storage and different compression. Clearing the short term memory.

Sleep science is still a pretty undeveloped field, but I wouldn't be surprised if both processes are very similar. I'm willing to bet that the research on both field will complement each other very nicely.

I get your point though, we still don't even know enough about sleep to program a computer to do it like us, but this is definitely linked to sleep.


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Quantum computing is never taking over.

There are certain computations that are exponentially more efficient with quantum computers, but most typical computations are actually more efficient with classical ones.

Quantum computers will allow us to solve problems that are basically unsolvable today, but they work very differently than classical ones and have different purposes.


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Lets say I say I will sell you a car.

You buy it from me, pay me, and then once receive the car you realize it comes with no engine. Then I try to sell you the engine for more money.

I can totally see you suing me (and winning) unless I explicitly stated its an incomplete car and requires you to also purchase your own engine (or already have one).


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As someone from Monterrey, what we actually need is increasing taxes depending on how much a company pollutes.

They allow corporations to pollute as much as possible, and then spend tax dollars on green spaces when we don’t have enough water to maintain them.

Last dry season people were having their water cut for multiples days at a time. With our water shortages, all this means is next year we’ll be giving water to plants instead of giving it to people.

We need accountability from companies that pollute freely and not just surface level solutions that waste valuable resources barely treating the symptoms.


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Then you realize we only started doing this when we started seeing heavy draughts, so next year we won’t have water to water them.

And that we still allow corporations to pollute as much as they want.

Its definitely one of the best governed and most efficient cities in Mexico, but that isn’t saying much..