epicwinguy101 t1_j9al9ec wrote

This is pretty harrowing. I'm really sorry to hear that OP. Hopefully you got the plate number because BCPD don't take things seriously without it, sadly.

I hope you spend the time to get some therapy and heal, having a gun pointed at you for no reason can cause trauma issues to pop up later if you don't take it seriously now, no joke.


epicwinguy101 t1_iv2005l wrote

My heart aches for you. We tell ourselves objects can be replaced, but ones with this kind of sentimental value that whisk us back to our happiest times with the people we love, well, those are irreplaceable and priceless. Losing them really is like losing a piece of ourselves. And to lose them in this way shatters our sense of security. It hurts my head to think that whatever the thief sells it for will only be a tiny fraction of the harm and loss they have caused you.

I am very sorry for your loss, and hope you beat the odds and are reconnected with these precious pieces of yourself.