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It's not that simple in my opinion. She is obviously not in on this alone, and there seemed to be an effort to present herself as an infantalized child victim at 18 and it's really off putting. If she really had a surgery at 13 that's out of the norm and weird but all the extra grifting on top is a different issue.


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Is there something about being trapped in rubble that helps people survive longer without water? I see this in cave entrapments too. I'm thinking being immobilized, your body temperature being insulated, and maybe losing less water to respiration because of the confined space might be a factor. I know 6 days isn't unheard of but it is absolutely toward the maximum of time you can survive without.


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Yes. Superhuman tweaked out freak reprobates can do drugs while they drive, but a noble cop is incapacitated by just a whiff of the noxious vapor. Most drugs also make you extremely sedated in one situation but agitated and violent in another. They all work like this.

And smoking opiates while driving is very common and popular.