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Aight that's fair enough but then we're just black pilled with no way to pull out of the tailspin without somehow divesting from municipal government, which almost never happens. I still have hope that if we get people into the city that care about government working and demand something from it, we can turn it around


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People love saying "gentrification" like it's the boogeyman and leaving it at that πŸ˜ͺ

Gentrify me, baby. I want that sweet sweet tax base and demand for more density and development so we can someday get back to having public transit where people aren't raped and sitting next to crackheads


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> It's crazy how all the RCO is asking for is to do things the city government should be doing but won't. Trees? Can't have those, cost too much to maintain and you'd have to lose some parking if you want to fit them into CC... Loading zones? Can't have those, need to preserve the parking...

SO MUCH THIS. I'd be down with doing city planning and beautification this way. In fact, it's my preferred method. But I prefer it because it accomplishes wider development goals with the minimal impact on property rights and minimizes costs to the taxpayer... Which obviously isn't the case here since we already have god damn wage taxes, sugar taxes, sales taxes. Like damn you'd hope with all that money coming in you could plant s fucking tree!

I felt very seen in your second paragraph. Jesus Christ this city. Anyway, this building looks dope and I'm excited


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It's a totally understandable mistake

A pronoun is a grammatical part of speech, so the closest definition of its terms is going to accidentally be overly broad when you try to test every word by it. If you went strictly by the layman's definition of a pronoun, it doesn't seem to exclude "jawn." However, you'll notice that almost every grammatical article you find about pronouns will at some point list all the pronouns. It's just hard to define the form, function, and intuited rules of a part of speech using the very same speech

But it's very clear that - functionally - "jawn" and "thingamajig" are not pronouns...

> The dog walked down the street > > It walked down the street > > Jawn walked down the street

Jawn doesn't work there

> He helped himself to some food > > Jawn helped jawnself to some food

Or here. It doesn't work because it's not a pronoun. Misusing it this way is one of those things that natives would instantly point to as proof that you're trying to sidle into Philly slang with no clue what you're doing.

Pronouns can behave in sentences completely replacing the totality of the noun phrase. Jawn cannot. Jawn needs an article (the/a), number, or adjective to precede it. Because it's a noun.

> Two dogs walked down the street > > Two jawns walked down the street

This applies everywhere it turns up

> Be careful with this hot pan > > Be careful with this hot thing > > Be careful with this hot jawn

Jawn is a normal everyday noun like pan and thing. The only thing that's remarkable about it is that it can work for every case of a noun.

> I met your wife yesterday > > I met your jawn yesterday > > Yeah, I've been to that bar > > Yeah, I've been to that jawn > > Pick me up a hoagie > > Pick me up one of them jawns

Normally things like the suits, popo, John Doe, people, thing, thingamajig, widget, anytown, the boonies, cooee, etc. are more specific in their non-specificity, because to be completely non-specific would theoretically ruin the whole point of communicating

Jawn is so fundamentally built on being completely non-specific that phrases like "one of them jawns" will be tossed in to make things even more confused... and yet, it still functions in communicative speech! HOW? I dunno. I don't make the jawns, I just use them


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Aramingo and Sergeant was their biggest store in terms of volume only a few years ago. I'm sure it's down the list with the Aramingo and Wheatsheaf one open, but I don't think it's going anywhere

That said, they need to get the security guard back and figure something out with the police cause that shit's been lighting up my Citizen app the last year or so