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I'm never sure if the people who attempt to use this reasoning are just trolling or if they can't/refuse to see the big picture.

If everyone jumps the fare, metro has a revenue shortfall which could result in among other things: service cutbacks, fewer employees to perform maintenance, safety checks, etc...

So yeah, it harms all of us when some people decide they don't need to pay for a service that depends on our revenue to function properly.


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I travel pretty frequently for work and it seems like it's always an early flight. My advice, sked a cab! They're cheaper, they don't cancel at the last minute, and you can use an app to track them, pay in advance, etc... I've used yellow cab - no complaints.

My last 6AM flight, I sked an Uber the night before, and at 5:15AM, Uber had an issue and it was a fucking mess to get to DCA on time.