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Microsoft would have been so much better off opening up Teams features to the public rather than locking it down for additional price tiers.

If they made Teams the standard messaging, calling and calendar app people would be pushing their workplaces other paid Microsoft products that integrate with it and expand functionality. Instead they've made Teams an only for work app and made it so even if people wanted to use it for home use the home app doesn't provide the same functionality that the business app provides.


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Can they really afford to?

They like Ubisoft have been releasing duds now for a while and most of their senior staff at their studios left over the last few years.

Apex legends is currently keeping them afloat but that will wane and lose people overtime. If they screw up the next Dragon Age that will be the end of Bioware and if they screw up the next Battlefield that will be the end of Dice.


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  • US Companies: Capitalism and competition is the way in the open market but only when we're a monopoly.

  • US Companies: Save us GOVT intervention from having to compete in the open market.

  • US Companies again: We pay executives stupid amounts of money, but will have to close if the GOVT doesn't bail us out with tax payer money.

  • Shitty US Companies: This year we made record profits, so we are firing 10-20% of our work force that made it happen.


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> Microsoft keeps unpopular software and hardware running

It's too bad Microsoft cannot get the basics of what people want in a cellphone or a portable x86 laptop/tablet.

I cannot count the number of times they bungled the surface line by continually refusing to put a 5G modem in the thing. Now Lenovo and Dell have their business and consumer customers locked down.