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I disagree. Any service based business or labour jobs will be required for a very long time.

Our AI technology will rocket forward, but a full takeover of the workforce is limited by our advancements in robotics, which is limited by many factors, mostly energy requirements and batteries. Even if we do have sufficient tech to have robots take some of these jobs, humans will be much cheaper.

I think this sub forgets that service-based and labour jobs are >50% of the workforce because most people here (and on reddit in general) have desk jobs, often in tech.

What kind of technology would you need to replace a plumber to come to your house? What about a gardener? Or a furnace repair technician? Each would require entirely different sets of tools and hardware even if they are fucking genius, sentient AI. I think we are still very far away from that.


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Yeah, I think live thesis-defense type meetings will become the new test, which will be very labour intensive. Maybe profs will need to have more TAs to help with that kind of thing.

That being said, a 5 minute conversation with someone usually gives you a better idea of whether they know their shit than a 5 page essay.


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Reply to comment by mtksm in A primitive "holodeck" by Ezekiel_W

At some points during my Ayahuasca trip it felt like I could control which memories to view. It felt like my memories were a book and I could just flip through the pages, seeing memories I hadn't thought of in years.

Probably just an illusion though.