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Yeah, that's what I was getting at. Also, so many of those near misses were seen as attributable to misfortune (ill timed injuries, unexpected deaths, Patriots being robbed in the 1976 Divisional round, etc), or grotesque incompetence (e.g. Parcells seemingly no-showing in 1996, Grady Little). The sports city viewed itself as long-suffering.


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None of that's wrong, but it lacks context. People insert emotion into patterns. When it's believed your baseball team is cursed, and your basketball team appears to have been snuffed out by the hand of an angry god, near championship runs are viewed as proof that that they can never prevail, not that they are the cusp of ultimate success. I'm speaking as a transplant from around 1990, having family in the area all my life. The sports fans were always waiting to see how the failure was going to happen.


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Sure, other cities have had/do have it worse. Still. Bruins had a drought from 1972 to 2011. Patriots from 1960-2001. Celtics from 1986 to 2008. The Red Sox... you know. For most of those years those teams were pretty non-competitive, the only drama was whether the Patriots would go ohfer the season. In recent years, the success of Boston teams has been disproportionately the Patriots' absurd and irreproducible success, aside from that there are six wins from 1987 to present.


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Cyclical. Boston also went through decades of consistent and uniform irrelevancy to comic incompetence in all four major sports. Patriots were a punchline excluding 2-3 seasons from 1960 to 2001. Bruins and Sox had indifferent management cashing in on a captive audience while putting nothing into the team for most of that time. Celtics rode the original Big Three into a retirement crater, that spilled into the tragic deaths of Len Bias and Reggie Lewis. The city was cursed for almost a full two decades


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Mac started playing Riggs in blackface, but mid-film Dennis took over the part without makeup because it was increasingly offensive, even to him. This made the whole thing kind of hard to follow. Additionally, Frank insisted on casting himself in a full-penetration porn scene in exchnge for financing the effort.


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So, I advised getting a few lessons; you also need to get that guitar set-up. Almost every new guitar can use a set-up, the extremely cheap ones can be nearly unplayable. All guitars suffer from imperfect, but generally manageable intonation, but at this end of the price range it's likely that you won't be able to compromise tuning suitably to accommodate more than one or two chords.


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Get in person lessons, even if it's just a couple months. It can take years to re-learn basic techniques once you've taught yourself incorrectly. You can read posts for hours or have somebody diagnose and correct your issues in minutes.