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I know this is going to be a crazy controversial statement, but hear me out...

Peace... is good. Efforts that help lead to equitable peace without violence...

are good, actually.


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Sweating a lot is known to make you lose weight, too. Hence the reason wrestlers use saunas so much. So, extreme temperatures, in either direction, will probably do it. What would be even more interesting would probably be trying to figure out if there's a difference between extreme heat and extreme cold, in terms of the exact kind of weight you're losing, in terms of actual fat vs. water weight or muscle.


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I understand that too, but without going to the extreme of crying, necessarily, you do want your woman to have your back, right? To support you, in some sense, that if that support was sudden removed, it would be like pulling a rug right out from under your feet, especially emotionally. That's a kind of vulnerability, you know. Vulnerability to betrayal and what not. I feel like this piece encompasses ALL of that. Just a man's general desire to want some kind of true intimacy (which is inherently a vulnerability, by definition) with what one might call the "divine feminine." In other words, for some mysterious reason, I don't just not want to be stabbed in the back by my woman; but I want to give her the power to stab me in the back, in the first place (even when I don't necessarily have to do that) and then have her proceed to not stab me in the back, because she actually loves me, you know?


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In very broad terms, I was referring to allowing oneself to be vulnerable to a woman, yes. And I simply said, essentially, that it is within man's nature to want that on occasion, in one form or another. I didn't say every man gets the opportunity to fullfill every such inclination or even that he should take up every such opportunity when presented to him. Only that to literally be devoid of any such inclination whatsoever strikes me as very unhealthy.


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This could ultimately benefit people with all kinds of autoimmune disorders. They're all somewhat fundamentally related, after all. Very exciting. Autoimmune disorders, in general, is one of the few remaining big categories of disease we haven't made much headway in curing (much like cancer) and they are rapidly on the rise in the general population, too.


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In my personal opinion, this is art, and it's undeniably pretty dang good. It's also absolutely NSFW. Butt... excuse me... but... is it "porn"? That's a harder question to answer. In my personal opinion, regardless of how you want to define "porn," erotic art crosses a line and becomes definitely, unacceptably obscene when it depicts real people having real intercourse; not even because it's "porn" at that point, but because at that point it's literally a form of "public prostitution." And I personally intuitively feel there's something uniquely bad for the human brain/mind/spirit/soul about that. I don't think erotic renaissance statues, for example, really have exactly the same negative effect on us as actual video footage of people actually copulating. I don't even think it has the same effect when they are merely pretending to copulate and not even really doing it, like in a pg-13 movie. I don't know why... like I said... just something I deeply intuit.